Year 1 - Autumn Term II 2017
Published On 06/11/2017
Read Write Inc
Small group phonics input, Guided reading with fiction and non-fiction texts, holding a sentence, extending a sentence, editing a sentence and focused writing tasks to extend knowledge and use of punctuation, grammar and vocabulary.
Daily focus on correct letter formation and differentiating between ‘talls, tummies and tails’, and learn the flicks off letters.
Extended Writing
The children will design a safety poster for Bonfire Night and write a poem about Autumn linking this to their senses. 
They will focus on the story ‘The Queen’s Knickers’.  The children will participate in a number of drama activities such as hot-seating.
Understand and then make teen numbers (10 and some 1s); compare and order numbers to 20, then 30; find the number between two numbers with a difference of 2; understand and use ordinal numbers
Revise bonds to 5, 6 and 10; find pairs which make 7; use addition facts for 5, 6 and 10 to solve subtractions; use number facts for 5, 6 and 10 to solve word problems
Describe position and direction using common words (including half turns); compare lengths and heights; estimate, compare and measure lengths using uniform non-standard and standard units
Add 1, 2 and 3 by counting on; subtract 1, 2, 3 or more by counting back; begin to add three small numbers by spotting bonds to 10 or doubles (1-6)
Compare and order numbers to 20; recognise coins and know values (up to £2); begin to make amounts in pence; understand teen numbers are 10 and some 1s
Name, recognise and know the properties of 3D shapes: cube, cuboid, cone, cylinder and sphere; begin to sort 3D shapes according to properties; order and name the days of the week and months of the year; recognise and name the seasons
A continuation of ‘We are Collectors’ followed by ‘We are Celebrating’.
 Learning Challenge:
 This half term our Learning Challenge question will be ’Who is the Queen?’
The children will learn that the United Kingdom is made up of several countries. 
They will understand what a monarch is and learn that England has been ruled by Kings and Queens for many years. We will explore the life of Queen Elizabeth II and look at family trees. 
In Science the children will go on a Welly Walk looking for and discussing signs of Autumn. 
The Christmas Story
Anti-Bullying Week activities – being a good friend.
Revision of language learnt in Autumn (I), Chant de Noël: ‘Petit Papa Noël’, Petit Papa Noel., Illustrate song and learn about Christmas in France, New song: ‘Toc, toc, toc!’ to revise animal names, Hand story: ‘Toc, toc, toc!’, Story: ‘Bon apétit M. Lapin!’ to learn new animal names
More Sounds Around (categories of sound; listening and appraising)
Christmas Songs – preparing songs and actions for production
Games – Football (Invasion Games)
Gymnastics – Reaction games. Why we warm up. Guided discovery with quoit, bean bag, tennis ball, volleyball. Collaboration. Skill Circuit – kicking,  throwing, catching, target throw, balance, jumping and rolling