Year 2 - Autumn Term II 2017
Published On 06/11/2017
Daily Read Write Inc lessons.  
Grammar: commas in lists, suffixes – ing, er, est, non-chronological texts, poetry
·         Know and use ordinal numbers; understand that 2-digit numbers are made from some 10s and some 1s; Understand place value using 10p and 1p coins; find and record all possible amounts using 10p and 1p coins; find 10p more and 10p less; Find 10 more and 10 less
·         Add and subtract 10, 20 and 30 to any 2-digit number; Add and subtract 11, 21, 12 and 22 to any 2-digit number; Solve addition and subtractions by counting on and back in 10s then in 1s; solve addition and subtraction problems using concrete and pictorial representations
·         Understand and use terms and vocabulary associated with position, direction and movement; Measure lengths using uniform units; Begin to measure in centimetres and metres
·         Add and subtract 2-digit numbers; Solve addition and subtraction problems using concrete and pictorial representations; Add near doubles to double 15; Add several small numbers spotting near doubles or pairs to 10, etc.
·         Count in 2s, 5s and 10s from zero; Count in multiples of 2p, 5p and 10p; Number sequences of 2s, 5s and 10s; Find the totals of coins and ways to make an amount; Use coins to make given amounts of money
Learning Challenge
ART/DT/Geography /History/ Science
We will be looking at what materials are used in the making of a car and why they were used for specific jobs in cars.  We will be investigating the physical properties of various materials, how mirrors are made, why are some materials more waterproof than others and car safety.
The children will look at various axles the designing and making their own vehicle.
The children will also be carrying out Christmas related crafts.
 Coding: What are algorithms? Converting algorithms to programs, predict what a program will do. Spot and fix (debug) errors in their programs
 The children will be starting off the term with firework safety followed by Remembrance. After this we will be looking at ‘Light in Different Religions’ with a focus on Christingle, Advent and how Christians celebrate Christmas.
Environmental Sounds/Rehearsing the Christmas Show
The children will be looking at the French carol, ‘Entre le boeuf et l’âne gris’. Also learning six action verbs from ‘Entrez dans ma grande maison’.
Gymnastics with low level equipment
- rolling, jumping, landing and flight with shapes, balancing on equipment
Guided discovery with quoit, bean bag, tennis ball, volleyball.
Small sided Games – cone ball, football.