Year 3 - Autumn Term I 2017
Published On 06/09/2017
Compare and order 2- and 3- digit numbers; count on and back in 10s and 1s; add and subtract 2-digit numbers; solve problems using place value
Use multiple of 5 and 10 bonds to 100 to solve additions and subtractions
Know multiplication facts for the 5, 10, 2, 4 and 3 times-tables; doubling and halving

Know and understand the calendar, including days, weeks, months, years; tell the time to the nearest 5 minutes on analogue and digital clocks; know the properties of 3D shapes
Grammar: Punctuating sentences. Proper nouns and adjectives.
Speech bubbles and inverted commas.
Comprehension and dictionary work.
Creative Writing: Character profiles in connection with Stone Age storybooks.
Factual writing around the Stone Age Era.
Humans and other animals
Food groups and a balanced diet
Skeletons and comparing skeletons
The Heart
Muscles and joints
The effect of exercise
Word processing skills
Editing images
Using PowerPoint
Learning Challenge
‘Who am I?’ This question will link to our history work on The Stone Age. We will study what life was like in this era and build timelines to place it within history.
Feeling the beat; focus on life at sea and sea shanties.
New conversational phrases. French alphabet and vowels. Asking someone’s age; revision of 1-20. Colours.
Buddhism; The Life of Buddha, Buddhist Stories and Sacred Texts, Buddhist Symbols.
Class rules. Internet Safety.