Year 4 - Autumn Term I 2017
Published On 06/09/2017
Place Vaue, rounding to the nearest 100, comparing and ordering 4 digit numbers, mental addition of 2 digit numbers, subtracting 2 and 3 digit numbers, times tables and related division facts, finding fractions of amounts, telling and writing the time on analogue and digital clocks, calculating time intervals, measure in m, cm and mm and convert from one to the other.
Punctuation/grammar review.
Language and Literacy Unit 1: Stories with Issues; Information writing on the Roman soldier and Roman life; recounts of Boudicca’s rebellion.
Why do animals all have to eat? The Human Digestive System; Teeth; Food Chains and Food Webs
Learning Challenge
Romans – Brainy or Brawny?
The Roman Empire and the invasion of Britain; the Celts; Roman life.
Christianity: Stories of Jesus.
Colours and colour blending and mixing; Roman Chariots; Mosaics; Roman Gods/temples/writing and maths
Revision of core language, new songs; Brittany focus - cookery activity; using du/de/des + food etc
Songs, dances and accompaniments for the Y4 pantomime, ‘Jack - the musical!'
Football; Catch and throw; SAQ rotation