Year 4 - Autumn Term II 2017
Published On 06/11/2017
Double and halve 3 digit numbers; fractions; decimals; addition; scales, units of weight and capacity; bar charts; rounding to the nearest 10, 100, 1000; subtraction using mental strategies; grid multiplication and standard written method; division.
Read and write newspaper reports with interviews and other features; read, write and act out play scripts; adverbs; grammar and punctuation targets: direct speech, use of commas in sentences and apostrophe of possession. 
Complete the unit on digestion and feeding with types of animal teeth and food webs. Electricity: circuit diagrams and investigation of conductors; battery and mains power; what types of energy electricity produces in appliances.
Learning Challenge
Roman life: towns, baths, amphitheatres, clothes, food, temples, chariot races and schools. Then, Structure of the Earth and Volcanoes: eruption of Vesuvius, warning signs and effects of an eruption; structure and formation of volcanoes; structure of the Earth; Natural disasters. 
Christianity: Jesus and his disciples, the Lord’s Prayer, gifts, Christmas cards and Christmas story.
Artist Study (Hokusai) Volcano art, Christmas crafts.
Shopping, (fruits and veg names in sing. and pl. Form); Revision of: je voudrais; du/de la/des; Common questions and answers; ‘A table’ song; Chant de Noel: ‘Vive le vent’.
Songs, dances and accompaniments for the Y4 pantomime, ‘Jack - the musical!' Songs for Christmas. Feeling the beat; conducting activities.
High 5 Netball, football and rugby: skills and techniques, small sided games and rules.
PE Gymnastics: Exploring contrasting body shape, travel and balance. Forming relationships with time, space, others and large apparatus.
SWIMMING Work in ability groups to develop stroke work.