Year 6 - Autumn Term II 2017
Published On 09/11/2017
Discursive writing: argument and persuasion. Class assembly preparation. Exploring fiction genres. Information texts (formal, impersonal writing).
Negative numbers. 3D shapes. Perimeter and area. Written division methods. Fractions: Converting, simplifying and ordering, equivalence, adding and multiplying.
ScienceElectricity (LEARNING CHALLENGE LINK) Forces in action (including magnetism, friction, gravity and water / air resistance).
Learning Challenge

How do SYMBOLS shape our lives? To include maps, ancient and modern; symbolism within Judaism; electrical symbols; musical symbols

Mapzone/Google Maps – using iPads
PSHE [6ST] Preparation for Christmas visit to retirement flats.
[ALL] Assembly preparation
[ALL] Staying safe online. Cool To Be Kind.
Music for a percussion accompanimnet for assembly. Christmas songs. 'Fireworks!' Adapting music.
Christmas carol 'Mon beau Sapin'. weather/common verbs/prepositions/silent letters
Orienteering / Badminton
Swimming SC & JEB Water Safety (including personal open water safety) and Life-saving Skills
Games Boys: Rugby / Hockey
Girls: Netball / Hockey