Year 6 - Autumn Term I 2017
Published On 06/09/2017
Reading and writing fiction (Robin hood and the Golden arrow); Reading and writing non-fiction (journalistic writing); Reading and writing poetry (the power of Imagery); Reading and writing non-fiction (arguments)
Place value , x 10,100,1000; Mental addition and written addition; Rounding; Algebra,
BODMAS; Metric measurements Conversions including 24hr clock/roman numerals; Addition/subtraction mental and written and problem solving; Written multiplication including long multiplication
Science Solids, liquids and gases. Reversible & irreversible changes. Changing state. Acids and alkalis. Sorting materials. Gases.
Learning Challenge

History focus; What was life like in Ancient Greece?
Manchester Art Gallery (27.09.17)
Links with mapping and the legacy of language, architecture and culture. Art-greek pots
PSHE – family life

Using the Internet safely: Search databases, interpret information, copy and paste, checking for bias.
RE Judaism: introduction, synagogue and clothing, holy texts, food rules
Greek pots: geometric designs and patterns, sketchwork, painting and clay sculpture.
Communication: focus on the Dimensions of Music and Mussorgsky's 'Pictures at an exhibition'.
Describing our family; useful verbs and pronouns for sentences; French cuisine
Orienteering / Badminton
Games Boys: Rugby / Hockey
Girls: Netball / Hockey